Thursday, April 7, 2011


What I love about holidays are that I have an excuse to bake a lot of sweets ha ha! I have a big sweet tooth. Easter is coming up soon. I am looking forward to Easter this year because last year I was filming Masterchef. I really missed spending Easter with my family.

My family's Easter lunch has always been spent at my great grandmother's house but the past few years my great Aunt has hosted the lunch. There is always a lot of good food and fun fellowship. I like to contribute delicious springtime desserts to my family's Easter lunch. This year I am planning on making cupcakes. What I love about cupcakes are that they are easy to decorate and transport.

Speaking of decorating my favorite "icings" are glazes and whipped cream. One of my new cupcake creations is Balsamic Strawberry "Short" Cupcake. It is a light flavorful vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry slices, tossed in sweet balsamic vinegar, and "iced" with homemade whipped cream. Not only do I like the top of my cupcakes to look impressive but I like to present my cupcakes in impressive liners. When it comes to liners, Sutton cupcake liners are my number one choice. They come in so many colors and patterns but the best part is that when you bake your cupcake in Sutton liners, the colors and pattern shows up. Every cupcake liners I've used will fade after baking. This is frustrating and disappointing after I pick out cute liners to use and then you can't even tell what the cute design looks like. Look at this cute design of Sutton's Scroll in turquoise & red.  I want my cupcakes to look their Sunday best no matter what day of the week I make them.

You can serve my Balsamic Strawberry "Short" Cupcake at your Easter lunch. When you order a sampler pack of Sutton's cupcake liners on my Open Sky account, you will receive my cupcake recipe. Click on the link to follow me and purchase now!

Food is a big part of my family's Easter lunch but fellowship is too. I have a large extended family. There are usually more than 30 people at our lunch. It is always so much fun and entertaining whether we are flying kites or cheering the kids on in their fun activities. One year my younger cousins did something called "Mutton Bustin" or sheep riding. This was the funniest thing I have ever seen! ha ha!

Fun times are always found at my family's Easter. I am really looking forward to spending Easter this year with my family.
The most important thing to me is my Faith and family. Easter is a time to remember what Christ did for us on the cross and then rose on the third day. Thank you Lord for loving me enough to die on the cross to save me from my sins.


  1. Great post! My husband and I live far away from family, so we will be hosting an Easter Potluck with close friends who are staying in town for this Holiday. I love cupcakes too! I recently made my own cupcake stand for my daughters 2nd birthday. How will you display your cupcakes?

  2. Easter..♥ Love the post, btw :)and great cupcake!!