About Me

America's first Masterchef winner, Whitney Miller, grew up in a very food, faith, and family-oriented environment, always in the kitchen cooking with her mom and two sisters or her great-grandmother, who is 96 today and still cooking. Benefiting from her great-grandmother’s inspiration in Southern hospitality and cooking large Sunday dinners for extended family and friends, she aspired to be a great cook from an early age.  Because of her talent with desserts on Fox's Masterchef, she was deemed the “Pastry Princess.”
Whitney has spent time conducting cooking demonstrations, such as Anaheim’s Celebrity Food and Gift Show with TLC’s Little Chocolatiers and the 2011 Chicago Home and Housewares Show with other celebrity chefs such as Paula Deen, Curtis Stone, and Guy Fieri. Also, she has acted as celebrity judge for numerous cooking contests, such as B.I.O Special Events Wedding Cake Competition with Duff Goldman, local ABC station’s Pie Wars, and Memphis Cupcake Camp Competition. 
She enjoys sharing her success story encompassing passion, hard work, and determination through motivational speeches at schools, churches, and clubs/organizations. Whitney blogs for self.com on the Masterchef season 2's episodes.
Whitney is the author of Modern Hospitality Simple Recipes with Southern Charm (Rodale, 2011) with foreword by Gordon Ramsay. 
Her cooking style encompasses using fresh ingredients and putting her own modern twist on Southern classics. Her recipes have appeared in national publications such as People, Cooking Light, Spirit of Women, and Masterchef magazine.


  1. Hey Whitney!

    You're an inspiration to me! Although I'm not that great in the kitchen, my dreams lie else where. I'm 24 years old and your determination and compassion really inspires me to go after my own dreams and believe and I can also achieve anything I want if I just believe in myself.

    Thank you for being my inspiration! I hope one day I get to meet you and get a copy of your book!

  2. Hi Meenism,

    I am glad that I can be an inspiration to you. I was blessed to have a mom and great grandmother who had me in the kitchen at a young age. I hope that I can inspire you to have fun in the kitchen.
    What are your dreams?

  3. Hi Whitney,

    Hope you're doing great. I'm a big fan of you. Though honestly, I'm not really into cooking but watching you in Masterchef was really exciting. I totally admire you're perseverance & the passion you have in what you do.

    I'm actually an engineer with dreams of my own. I wish I could achieve my dreams as well, just the way you achieved yours :)


  4. Hello Whitney, sorry I don't speak well in english but I would like to say to you that I wish you the best of luck in your career. You have everything to perform, passion, go-ahead personnality and a wonderfull trust in you. Au revoir!

  5. When the chicken fall on the ground in the final, I was sure it was over but you made it, better than that the chicken was perfect!! I was glad you made the right choice!! You deserve your award lol Au revoir

  6. my heart stopped for 5 seconds when you dropped the chicken on the ground! and i literally screamed when i saw that u won the title!
    i am 19 years old and ever since i saw your style of cooking on masterchef , you have become my inspiration. the tricks that you keep posting on the blog r so good, that i can easily use them at my home and so does my mom when she cooks the local basic indian curries. it is just so amazing
    u have given me a new style of cooking desserts and i was never so passionate about food before i read about you.
    what is even more wonderful? you really are there to always help your fans and help them cook better. i mean it was unbelievable when you sent me the recipe of the vanilla sponge cake and the white chocolate bread pudding. also after seeing your pictures when u cooked for a cause, its so great 2 c that u r such a wonderful humanbeing and you make the best use of the talent that you have been blessed with.

    i hope someday i cook like you, i ahve been following you on twitter facebook and your blog since a very long time.

    -sheenam puri

  7. Hi Sheenam,
    Thank you for all those kind words. I am so glad that you enjoyed the recipes. I was very fortunate to have my mom and great grandmother to teach me to cook. Being able to share what I have learned from them and have learned since cooking on my own is such a joy.
    Go after your dreams! Set high goals and go after them!

  8. Hi Whitney!

    I'm Mari from Peru, and I just finished watching the season for youtube Masterchef, the program was excellent all the challenges, the mystery boxes was actually very good. I love the pastries, but when I saw all the desserts you can make with those uncommon ingredients for my country, that was amazing, I love to cook also and I´m seeing the chance to get your book "Modern Recipes Simple Hospitality with Southern Charm" I would fascinated to have it ...
    I hope you answer me

    Mari :)

  9. Hi Whitney, my name is Indra, from Malaysia

    I watched your performances and it's such a blessing to see someone young that cook with all of her heart and might
    (I can't cook, but I can even feel your passion. It's awesome)

    Honestly, I still don't understand what happened at the last-7-minute
    I was like "whoa, it's a miracle if she can do it" and you did it

    Stay humble, keep learning, always have fun in cooking
    God bless you

    Indra Tan

  10. hey.
    watching you cook is an absolute privilege.The look of determination in your eye is wonderful.You cook with your heart which is really nice to see.You inspire people who are not that interested in cooking by your grit and determination.You lead by example .Apart from being an fantastic chef you are a really simple person,which is a great reminder to all of us that even after reaching great heights ,one should be humble and not forget his or her roots.Keep up the great job!!!You continue to inspire many!!!!

  11. Hey Whitney! (I figured I might as well copy everyone else with the greetings #peerpressure)

    You've really showed me to never be intimidated by my competitors and even if they have more experience than me in something, does not necessarily mean that they have it in the bag. I'm not an aspiring chef (I'm a college student; I'm majoring in Civil Engineering) but I was inspired by your passion and enthusiasm to succeed in Masterchef US. And what really made me get more impressed by you was that you weren't intimidated by the other chefs' who've been cooking for a longer than you ( as well as living longer than you). You've truly shown us that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and that you shouldn't have to wait for a particular time to make your dreams come true. Thank-you so much for being such an inspiration to me and everyone else. Bye. :)

  12. Hey Whitney,

    Master Chef US season 1 just aired on South African television and I think you rock! I'm a 33 year old wife, mother to a 14 month old and a Systems Analyst and I love to cook deserts although mine never come out as good as yours! But I'm going to keep on trying and I can't wait to get hold your cookbook to try some of your recipes. You’re a beautiful, charming and inspirational young woman and I wish you many blessings.

  13. Whitney Hello, my name is Thais Peixoto, sorry for not speaking English well, I live in Brazil, have heard in my country? The food here is wonderful! Loved the mastercheff, I followed todinho and always hoped for you! I hope someday you can make a recipe Brazilian super kiss ... Send a kiss to Brazil if you can! You are amazing, congratulations!

  14. Hey Ky I bet you are busy with a 14 month year old. What does he or she like to eat? I love baking. I think you would like my dessert recipes in my cookbook. Making desserts really sparks my creativity.

  15. Hi Whitney! I'm so very happy to find her blog! Sorry for my some english mistakes...but i'm Italian, from Sicily precisely.
    I'll try to buy your book from web because I love your recipes ^_^
    I'm 30 years old and I would partecipe to Masterchef Italy, I hope to do it soon! Anyway, Here in Italy they are transmitting the latest episodes of first MasterChef Usa, you are only 4 competitors but... tonight I wondered: who will win? I hoped in you so I checked on the web and voilà! My favorite wons! Congratulations! Anyway, if you want we can change some special recipe.
    God bless you

    Annalisa ^_^

  16. Italy is with you Whitney!! We expect Your book in our Country! Bye!
    Riccardo from Milano.

  17. Hello Whitney. Seeing you participate and win Master Chef has proven me that when you are cooking, age does not matter as long as you enjoy it. I am 18 by the way

  18. Hey, Whitney!!!!!
    I am 17 and I want to be a great chef like you!!!! :)
    Lovee your recipes!!!

  19. Whitney,

    My mother and I just watched the entire season of MasterChef (with Russian subtitles for my mom) and loved your performance.

    The entire time we rooted for you even though the results of the show have been decided on a long two years ago :)

    What was different about you as a contestant was your faith in God. So many times the camera zoomed in on you while you were praying while others were consumed in worry or boasting.

    I just want to encourage you in your walk with God. It was so special to see someone as excellent yet meek as yourself on a popular and competive program. You really shined because of it!

    Be blessed,


  20. Hi, Whitney -

    I know this is kind of sudden, but will you marry me?


  21. hi~whitney
    now i'm watching you won the 1st master chef US
    you are so amazing and really good
    this is my very late congratulation!

  22. Hi Whitney! I just bought your cookbook. I live in Bogalusa and was wondering if you still have a restaurant in Poplarville or anywhere in the area. Would love to try your food firsthand! Congrats on all your success!

  23. Hey Whitney!! I'm only 12 years old, but I love cooking and you are one of my favourite chefs and I too love desserts!!! I hope you can come to Hong Kong one day!!

  24. I love you so much!! Cute, pretty, nice figure (compliment from my frd), you cooks well, and sweet voice!!

    Every man's dream wife!!

    All the best to you Whitney!! WIll be cheering you on as a fan!

  25. Hi Whitney, I'm a big fan, I'm from Italy, I think your desserts are delicious!! A kiss from Italy!! :)

  26. aawww I didn't even finish watching season 1 and you spoiled it in this section. congratulations! Just wanted to say you were an amazing cook from what I saw so far. Also, I thought you were very cute with the innocent personality. Take care!

  27. Hi Whitney, I just finished watching season 1 and I just knew you'll win :D I don't know how to cook, but watching you gives me a power to learn some more than rice cakes :D

    Good luck to you :)

  28. Hey Whitney, I have watched Masterchef season 1 and you were absolutely amazing and such an inspiration. Im 15 years old and since I was 11 I've been cooking. Ive learned from watching the food network and cooking videos online and I know that when I grow up, I definetely want to be a chef just like you. I hopefully I'll be able to find your cook book somewhere because I have been dying to read it and learn great things from it! You're a very talented chef and one of my biggest inspirations. I hope you're having the time of your life as a chef and keep doing the wonderful things you do!! xoxo

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    Hi Whitney,

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  30. Hi Whitney

    I'm Peter from the Netherlands I'm huge fan of you cooking skills.
    congratulation with winning first season master chef in 2010 am did watching yesterday your winning season 4 years later on the Dutch TV but overall best of luck in future with cooking

    All the best to you Whitney!!


  31. I Just finished watching Masterchef season 1 online, you're Amazing! it's nice to know you've become a successful chef! I Wish you the best of luck!

    Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  32. Hello Whitney,

    When Gordon stated that your venison was cooked by an angel he was not at all exaggerating. You are an absolute joy to watch. Even in your interviews following your success on MC, the confidence, excitement and joyfulness you exude is truly breathtaking. I was cheering for you from day 1 when you walked into the judges with your Catfish Taco and stated that you "look soft on the outside" but you were "like a butterfly and sting like a bee" attitude. You never flinched in your confidence in yourself or your abilities which shows what a true person and MC you are. May God’s blessings be bestowed upon you and your family daily.
    Have you yet opened your own business or do you still have plans to do so? My Wife and I as well as the rest of our family would love to check out your recipes first hand.


  33. Hello Whitney,I was 15 years old when I have watched Master Chef season 1 back then and now I am already 21 years old and I am still your fan since you get started cooking in that show. You're so gorgeous and so amazing, for me you're the most gorgeous chef in the whole world! I hope someday I could taste your best desserts cause I really love sweets! :) God bless you always! :)