Thursday, May 26, 2011


"Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." Romans 12:13

This verse resonates in me on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I don't always act on it but after this past weekend of helping to prepare meals for the Pleasant Grove's tornado victims and volunteers,
the word hospitality takes on a new meaning to me. 

I was very blessed with the opportunity to go to Pleasant Grove, AL. I saw how a good warm meal comforted the victims and volunteers. One of the tornado relief workers my mom spoke to said that he has worked in other states for disaster relief, but wasn't always able to enjoy home-cooked meals and to sit down and relax and fellowship with others. This is "southern hospitality."
With donations from several people from my town and the local area including Mrs. Debra, The Winborns, Ms. Maggie Smith and family, Mrs. Linda Hawkins and other ladies in the Poplarville Woman's Club, teachers and staff at the Poplarville schools, teachers and staff at Pearl River Central, Grandpa Larry and Nancy, etc. we were able to provide supplies and prepare meals. Some of the dishes included smoked beef and vegetable stew, spaghetti and meatballs, Poplarville blueberry pancakes (Thank you Misty for picking the blueberries), tres leches cake, and peach cobbler.
One of the things that really touched me was that two college guys who live in Pleasant Grove came to help. One of the guys had lost his house in the tornado and he was still willing to serve.

Through this experience, I have learned that special touches go a long way. Home-baked cookies were really appreciated amongst the volunteers and workers.

After this experience, I was encouraged to show hospitality more to others. I found this plate at a dollar store and thought this would be a great way to spread hospitality.
I am issuing a Hospitality challenge to all of you. This is how it works. Do something for others; it can be both big or small. Invite someone to dinner at your house, invite someone to lunch after church, bring someone a baked good, prepare dinner for a friend and bring it to him or her, or do something else in which you can help someone in need. This doesn't just have to mean cooking and food. Cooking is my talent and this is the way I can show hospitality but you can mow someone's lawn, babysit, etc.

I have begun this challenge myself. I filled this plate with my pecan pralines and gave it to a secretary at my dad's work. She has always been really nice to give my family vegetables from her garden. What was neat was that I didn't know that earlier that day she had given my dad a bag of squash from her garden.  I received hospitality from her the same day I showed it to her.

The second plate I filled with my No Name Bars. They are like an ooey gooey bar. I went to my neighbor's house last night and took them to him. He told me he would bring me the plate back. I told him that's ok but to read the plate after he and his family had eaten the treats. After reading the message, hopefully he will fill the plate and forward hospitality to someone.

Share your stories of how you show hospitality on the comment section. Post pictures on my facebook page Whitney Miller-Masterchef. I would love to hear from you!


  1. I did some volunteer work in Mississippi after Katrina, we would serve food to people from a camp set up in a baseball field. There is nothing more gratifying, or humbling, or heart warming than being a part of something that like that. People literally brought to tears when handed a plate of food, it really makes you appreciate everything that you have.

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  3. Whitney, you such are a beautiful and inspiring woman and your love and passion for Christ is so evident. I have been a fan of you since watching MasterChef and I'm not even a cook :-). I love this Hospitality Challenge, especially with everything that has been going on lately with the natural disasters and it is a great challenge for everyone to look to serve others. Keep glorifying Him, and I hope to meet you someday!

  4. I like this challenge. Thanks for posting it and sharing your ideas! I loved that you and your family gathered all of the food and brought it to've always had such a servant's heart!

  5. God bless you, Whitney, for helping the people of Pleasant Grove. You are an inspiration.

  6. Hey Whitney! Glad I found your blog! I am also in the South (Memphis, TN) so thought whatever dollar store you found this plate at, might also be here. Would you mind sharing where you got it? Would love to do the same thing (and use the plate)!! Thanks! Congrats on your cookbook!