Monday, September 12, 2011

Dallas- A city full of great food and fun

My trip to Dallas included two cookbook signings, the first at Neiman Marcus Willowbend's Fashion's Night Out and the other at Preston Royal's Barnes and Nobles. By the way, if you are in the area, I have signed copies of my cookbook at the Barnes and Nobles.

              Jennifer from posh mom- and I at Fashion's Night Out

When I was not signing cookbooks, I was eating my way through Dallas/Plano. Located close to our hotel was Kent Rathbun's, known for beating Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, restaurant- Japsers. After having heard a few recommendations, one being from a woman in the bathroom of our hotel ha ha!, we went for dinner. Jaspers considers its style of food to be Gourmet Backyard Cuisine. From first glance at the menu, I knew I would be in for a treat. My mom/traveling companion/assistant and I started off with their caesar salad. The waiter told us how their caesar dressing was given some kind of award for being the best. It was a good start to our meal too! For our entree, we shared their slow smoked baby back ribs with ancho barbeque sauce and creamy "baked potato" salad. We also ordered a side of their bourbon creamed sweet corn.
                                             photo from
Smoky, rich tomato bbq sauce covered by fingers and lips with flavorful goodness. Ribs should only be eaten by hand, even in nice restaurants. It's the only way ha ha!
The potato salad was killer! Creamy sour cream coated potatoes with crunchy bits of bacon was the perfect compliment to the ribs. This potato salad was very addictive!
           Bourbon Creamed Sweet Corn (Sorry for the color of the pic it was taken outside)

We had to order the corn because it sounded unique and what is better with ribs and potato salad than corn. This was the Best Thing I Have Ever Ate- Corn! It wasn't creamed style corn but sweet kernels in a light creamy sauce. The hint of Boubon gave the corn another level of flavor. On top of the corn was thin strips of fried potato. I could have dove into this cast-iron skillet, it was that good!

We loved it so much that we went back for lunch the next day. I flew in my sister for her birthday and I knew she would love the food.

                                   Flourless Chocolate Torte with Orange Marmalade         
                                                      Happy 22nd Birthday Brittyn!                                            
P.S. Check back for more great food from Dallas


  1. Where is your favorite place for Bbq? Some say KC Missouri has it down cold. Others say Louisiana and the deeper south.

  2. Sounds wonderful, but how do you eat all this wonderful food without putting on a lot of weight? Seriously, how?

  3. Welcome to Dallas :) By the way.... the best food is in downtown Dallas.

  4. Andrew KC does have the best bbq. If you ever come go to Arthur Bryants or Gates. Both totally differnt styles but both very addictive.

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