Monday, November 14, 2011

Waffletastic Meal

Chili Con Carne Waffle (chili served over a cornbread waffle), BBQ Pulled Pork Waffle, and Caramel Apple Waffle

My mom and I were walking around and shopping in NYC this past weekend when we walked up on the Wafels and Dinges Truck. (Follow them on twitter to find out where they are located in NYC when you are there)
You should have seen the excitement on my face. Every time I am in NYC, I am on the look out for this truck.
My first thought was "shucks we haven't eaten lunch yet". I have only eaten one of their waffles for dessert. I remembered though that Thomas Degeest (the founder/owner of Wafels & Dinges Truck) had facebooked me and told me about one of his waffle creations in which was inspired by his travel to Biloxi, MS. The waffle I am talking about is his BBQ Pulled Pork Wafel topped with coleslaw and a coolickle (pickle prepared in coolade).
My mom and I were intrigued and decided to order that and their special of the day- Chili Con Carne Waffle. And don't forget dessert! We had their special which was Caramel Apple Waffle. It was good but it had me longing for their deThrowdown Wafel which is what Thomas competed and won with against Bobby Flay. It is a liege (special Belgium dense and chewy waffle) topped with spekuloos spread (gingerbread spread) and whipped cream. Just one bite will bring you back for another and another. It left me in euphoria! ha ha!
Go find the Wafel and Dinges Truck! You won't be disappointed!
Ok so I am really feeling like you need to be able to taste it too! Leave me a comment about what toppings you would love to have on a waffle. I will randomly select from the comments for one of you to receive a jar of Spekuloos Spread. Leave your name & email for me to contact you. You have until this Friday- Dec. 18th to leave your comments.


  1. Wow! I thought the only way I would eat Waffles would be for breakfast. However, I love ice cream on jumbo size Waffles with chocolate syrup and whip cream soooooooo, good. Now putting Chili, or pulled pork on a Waffle, I just can't feel it. I would have to try the pulled pork.
    FYI my birthday is on the 16th of Dec. Hint, Hint.
    My name is David G, I live in Philly, but born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
    email address is
    Thank you. Love your cookbook. I need to buy the recent one that came out.

  2. Oh my goodness, whipped cream and strawberries always do it for me! I'm Elizabeth, and my email is

  3. Nutella, Bananas and whipped cream! I'm Ana I LOVE your cookbook...i'm from Canada and i'm Latino so it's a whole new world of cooking for me! :)

  4. How bout a banana split waffle for the sweet tooth and for a more savory waffle, some chicken! Nothing like chicken and waffles!
    Michele -

  5. I actually love peanut butter and a teeny bit of cinnamon on my waffles. I think it's a great way to have both the salty and sweet married on a waffle. Yum! My name is Maureen and my email is

  6. Hey Whitney- I actually work for the sales team with your publisher here in NY and am from Biloxi/Gulfport. Going home tomorrow for Thanksgiving...where in Biloxi did he have something on a waffle?? I gotta go! Or maybe he just ate at the Shed or something? Just curious!

  7. I love Nacho Waffles! Its my little at home creation.....Cornbread waffle with ground beef or pulled pork...topped with jalapenos, nacho cheese, tomatoes and pretty much any other "nacho" topping you can thing of. It's not real healthly, but oh so yummy. Running joke in my house.."this is not-cho waffle..this is my waffle". Ha ha!

  8. Holy freakin' decadence! To be had sparingly if you care about your cardiac function, haha

  9. When we feel like being bad, we go for Waffles with Bacon on top and Maple Syrup... sometimes we put a few slices of bacon in the waffle batter and cook it in.

    When I feel like being good, I throw ground flax into the waffle batter. It changes the consistency of the waffle a little bit, but adds a lot of good protein and fiber to the waffle to counteract the badness of the butter and syrup.

    Now I want a waffle....

  10. Hi Nic
    That is cool that you work for Rodale.
    Thomas got inspiration from Biloxi's bbq to make the bbq pulled pork waffle.
    I do have some restaurant suggestions for you. Lookout Steakhouse and Seafood just reopened from their location on HWY 49 to downtown Gulfport. It is good! Also my mom and I just ate at Jordan River Steamer in Kiln, MS. The best lobster! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  11. David
    Ice cream on a waffle does sound good. I have actually tried it before and it was a good dessert!

  12. Ana Catalina
    Nutella is amazing! Anything with nutella is awesome!

  13. Lauren
    The Chili Con Carne waffle that I had at the Waffle Truck was a cornbread waffle. A unique and delicious touch.

  14. Maureen
    I eat peanut butter on everything from waffles, pancakes, sweet potatoes, etc. Peanut butter and cinnamon on a waffle sounds delish!

  15. Michele
    I have never had chicken and waffles. Do you like a syrup with the chicken?

  16. Nutella and strawberries - then again, I always go for the sweets instead of the savory. :)

  17. hye whitney!!
    i wish i could try waffle with peanuts..serve with sweet syrup;)

    btw, where i can get ur book in Malaysia??:)

  18. Hey Whitney!

    One of the most amazing things I've ever had is a thick waffle with vanilla ice cream and sugar sweetened strawberries! Absolutely amazing!
    I'd love to try pecans, honey, and a little mascarpone!!


  19. May sound weird, but I love Nutella and honey with a a bit of crushed Doritos nachos chips. Supreme sweetness with a mix of saltyness. Love it!
    Bianca from Canada:

  20. I loved hearing all of your comments! The winner is Lauren.

  21. They have thermostats to enable you to give the waffle the right temperature and ready lights to let you know when the waffle is ready to eat.

    Waffle toppings