Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life Is Never Boring

If you have an aunt or relative like my Aunt Guy (I'm not quite sure why we call her that but we do) then you understand how your life is never boring around him or her. Aunt Guy is care-free, confident, risk taker, and I could go on. Let me also add in that she loves karaoke. You will understand why I added that part in later.

It is the night after Thanksgiving and my mom and I were pulled away from our Black Friday shopping, which didn't include getting up before the sun or beating anyone down to get a sweater that was on sale. We chose to shop at our favorite discount stores- Ross's, TJ Max, and Marshall's. So we were called to go eat dinner with my dad, Aunt Guy, and Wawa aka grandma. We met my aunt at my Wawa's house and piled into the car to go eat. My mom and I both looked at each other wondering where they had decided to eat. My aunt is at the wheel chauffeuring us to our unknown destination. After 20 minutes and signs that we had crossed over into Mississippi from Memphis, TN, we began inquiring about the restaurant.
"Aunt Guy what is the name of the restaurant"- me.
"Well I'm not sure but my friend recommended it to me." -Aunt Guy.

That satisfied our curiosity enough for the moment until 10 minutes down the road she declares that she can't find the restaurant. After a stop into a convenience store for directions and a phone call to the restaurant, we got pointed into the right direction.
"What kind of food does the restaurant have?"-me
"Well I think they are supposed to have good burgers and chicken tenders"- Aunt Guy
You can probably fill in what my mom and I were thinking then.
"Look for the restaurant its called Barbwire"- aunt Guy.
I didnt even have time to process it all before we drove by a shack with a sign that read Barbwire Bar and Grill. We all looked at each other like I dont't think I want to go in. Aunt Guy convinced us to go in and give it a try. We open the bar covered door, walked in, and sat at one of the many open tables. A rendition of some country song was being sung by a girl with a microphone.
I jokingly told my Aunt Guy I know why she wanted to come here because they have karaoke. She has been known in the past to bring her karaoke machine to family functions. If the surroundings weren't already a clue that we should get the heck out of dodge, we asked the bartender/waitress for a menu. She gave us a look like why?? then found a menu and handed us the piece of paper.
We peered through the haze of the smoke filled room at the short menu of burgers and chicken tenders. My aunt chockingly explained to the waitress that her brother (my dad) has a breath problem (allergic to smoke) and we won't be dining with them this evening. We swiftly escaped from the table and headed towards the door.
With the scarcidity of women in the place, one disappointed older gentlemen exclaimed "why yer leaving?" With one foot out the door and fresh air ahead, we didn't stop to reply.

Needless to say Barbwire wasn't exactly what we had in mind for a family dinner. We all laughed off the experience and headed to our next destination that included a few turn arounds and dead ends along the way.
Cracker Barrel never looked so good as we pulled up at 9:00 p.m.

As I reflect back on Thanksgiving and the dinner I shared with my family, I am thankful for the people God placed into my large extended family.

I am thankful that we can laugh together and have a good time. "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." Proverbs 17:22. I pray we as a family continue to have many more laughs and good times.


  1. I like this post, I can relate to it in the sense that Filipinos like me love having big family get-togethers like Americans do on Thankgiving. It's always good ot get together with family like that.

    Your Aunt should visit the Philippines, everyone loves to karaoke ;)

  2. thank you for sharing!! i do have a person like aunt guy in my life too :D
    u r really an amazing person..! I love reading about you and your experiences. you make me fall in love with cooking more! everytime ;-)