Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time with Family

Christmas morning I slept in. This would not have been a thought in my mind when I was younger. The earlier the better ha ha. My two sister and I would spring out of bed at 6:00 a.m. or earlier. My first thought when I woke up was that I need to slip into my living room and stuff the goodies my sister and I bought into my parents stockings. My dad received chocolate covered raisins, a moon pie, and other goodies. My mom's stocking was filled with Almond Joys, Reese's cups, and more. In between their stockings, I put a six pack of glass bottled Old Town RootBeer Company root beer for them to share. Old Town RootBeer Company is located in San Diego, CA's Old Town. My family and I came across this store when vacationed in San Diego a few summers ago. This was the best root beer I have tasted. It is very smooth. You don't have the carbonation that hits you first like most root beers but the delicious flavor. We thought that we would not have the opportunity to taste it again until our next visit to San Diego but I was very surprised when I walked into World Market and in the drink section was Old Town RootBeer Comany's root beer.
Before opening our presents, my dad and I prepared breakfast. I made waffles because they are my dad's favorite. He made his famous scrambled eggs. It is his speciality in the kitchen. They are like fluffy pillows. We finally opened our presents, got dressed, and went to my great grandmother's house for Christmas lunch. My Christmas feast was going to be prepared for dinner. There ended up being a change of plans. My grandpa wasn't feeling well and so did not join us for lunch at my great grandmother's house. We went to his house to check on him after lunch. He was very ill. From his symptoms, we thought he might have had a mild stroke. We helped my step grandmother load him into her vehicle and we followed her to the hospital. The emergency waiting area was where I would spend the rest of the Christmas night. You might think that this would have been a terrible place to spend Christmas but it wasn't that bad. Some of my relatives came to the hospital to check on my grandpa so I was able to spend time with them. I realized from watching people constantly coming into the emergency room that one of the greatest gifts I received is my health.
 My great grandpa is still in the hospital and the diagnosis right now is that he has a bad strain of the flu. He was running a very high fever of over 103. He is still having test done one of the things is to check for brain damage that could have occurred from the high fever he experienced. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sunday: Today is the Lord's day let us rejoice and be glad in it.
I did not get to prepare Christmas dinner for my family yesterday. I have a sore throat this morning which I think I acquired in the hospital waiting area.  My parents went back up to the hospital to check on my grandpa so it doesn't look like I will be preparing the meal today either. The closest thing to cooking turkey today will be the other white meat- chicken. I prepared homemade chicken noodle soup.

 It will not only be good for me but to bring to my grandpa. My mom always made me chicken noodle soup when I was sick and it made me feel good.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The Lord has blessed my family this year and I hope everyone takes the time to thank the Lord for the greatest gift he has given us which is his Son- Jesus.


  1. hope everything is alright with your grandpa and hope you feel better! merry christmas!

  2. Your grandpa will love it. I'm sure of it.

  3. Your chicken soup looks just like mine (except I use fine Amish noodles rather than bow ties), and yes, it does do a body wonders to have some of it inside. I hope you and your grandpa are on the mend and that you will have a Happy New Year, especially since Christmas was filled with a bit of adversity.

  4. The soup looks delicious. Hope you and your grandfather are feeling better. God Bless!

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  6. hope your grandpa will get well soon asap pastry princess! :)

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  7. Hey, I'm praying for your great grandpa here at home, I hope he gets better. Everything happens for a reason, maybe it's just gods will (: Anyways as long as you are happy, it's Christmas! it's really odd to celebrate it at a hospital, at least you can share this day with other needy patients?

  8. woww! looks great and happening. Actually, you're a career girl. age not hindrance you to achieve everything. ;)
    :: love u more and more ::

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