Sunday, December 12, 2010

New York Trip

I have just returned from New York City. As a newbie to New York, I did a lot of research of where to go, what to do, where to eat, etc. I think I did well at hitting all of the top spots.
After a long flight, my mom, sisters, and I were starving. Our first taste of New York was at Carnegie Deli. I don't think any of us were prepared for just how big the triple decker sandwiches were going to be.
No worries though we did end up sharing this huge sandwich.

After a good night's sleep we were refreshed and ready for what all the city had to offer. We ventured to Central Park, where we shopped at booths for jewelry, scarves, art, etc. For lunch we were recommended to eat at Whole Foods. This was great, not only did we have an eclectic menu but it was fairly affordable for New York. For dinner, we made reservations to Serendipity 3 to try their "famous" frozen hot chocolate.

I was in anticipation for lunch on Tuesday because I was going to Eataly. I had heard amazing things about it and Joe Bastianich (Masterchef judge) was giving us a tour and joining us for lunch. Eataly features a market of amazing fresh produce, the largest array of dry pastas in the U.S., several dining options, gelato counter, etc. For lunch, we had pizza and pasta. My mom raved over her pumpkin lasagna. While enjoying our meal, my mom and sisters got star struck over someone to the left of me. I had no idea what the big fuss was over until I looked to my left to find the Martha Stewart! Wow, was I really that close to Martha. Joe introduced me to Martha as the winner of Masterchef and the Pastry Princess.
Our evening included shopping in Chinatown. We stopped for a snack at Sung Sai Gai restaurant for a steamed pork bun which was pretty good. I would recommend the steamed bun over the baked. Then we traveled across the street to Dragon Land Bakery for their coconut cream buns. After a fun filled, interesting day of shopping  in Chinatown, we dined at Babbo. When I go to a restaurant for the first time, I always ask menu recommendations from the waiter. I took his recommendation for their lamb chops. I was being adventurous because I had never eaten lamb. This was the best lamb I had never had ha ha.  When it came to desserts we tried a little of everything. A complimentary dessert from the pastry chef was a saffron panna cotta with quince sorbetto. Wow this dessert was amazing!

On my list of places to go was Radio City.  We wanted to see the Rockettes. This was such a fun show. I was very appreciative that not only did they celebrate Santa Claus but also baby Jesus's birth with the Nativity Scene. Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
A six day trip is hard to write about in detail in one post. I will write my breakdown of the rest of my trip.
Wednesday- lunch @ Gordon Ramsay's Maze    dinner @ Stage deli- better corned beef than Carnegie deli
Thursday- lunch @ Joe Bastianich's Becco- the best Italian cuisine   dinner in Little Italy & dessert- Rice to Riches *try chocolate chip rice pudding & cheesecake rice pudding....yummy!
Friday- lunch @ Chelsea Market's Lobster Place- shrimp roll, clam chowder, & lobster

*Tips- Make reservations for lunch at $$$ restaurants to enjoy a great meal for a lunch price
         - Take the subway to quickly move around the city
         - Wear comfortable NYC you will be doing a lot of walking


  1. Blogs are fun! Is this your first one? When my husband and I went to NYC we wanted to go to Maze but there was just not enough time, next time we will go.

  2. Great new blog Whit!! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

  3. ...Thanks for deleting my post I guess...

  4. Glad to see you on Blogspot! Great first blog. :-)

  5. Whitney! When you come back to NYC...we want to meet you! I am curious if you'll be coming around for book signings!!!

  6. New York City is the city of fast-paced everything! I'm glad you had a good time here in New York, Whitney! I'm a hug fan! You should come back sometime to tour a bit more. :D
    I love you, Whitney!! :)

  7. Glad to see you had a great time in New York, and the blog is a good idea! I recently went to New York City for the first time myself for the Masterchef auditions and NYC was certainly overwhelming but very exciting! Keep cranking out good culinary ideas!!!!

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  9. hey2 i got sumthing for you. i hope you can come to my blog and give some comment. I LOVE YOU!!

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  12. Hey Whitney, when you went to NY, did it ever snow? I was wondering since I live in a tropical country, , the coldest I have ever experienced is about 15degrees celcius. Since young I have always wanted to touch snow, I hope one day I will (: I have a question about cooking, I'm making a bread pudding and I was thinking of making a vanilla sauce to
    eat with it, and I have no idea how to make a good one. I tried searching on the web to find, but the ingredients aren't explained properly. Can you help me with t? My email is moayzx@gmail. com. Hope you replyy soon (:

  13. Wow, lucky. I lived in and around NYC for two years and never once ran into Martha Stewart.