Saturday, December 25, 2010


It has been a tradition in my family to go to my great grandmother's house on Christmas Eve night to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. It is a fun time of eating, laughing, and "fighting" over gifts during dirty Santa (a game in which everyone brings a gift, draws a number out of a hat, and then takes turns opening or stealing someone's gift). This year I ended up with a Wal-Mart gift card, which I can put to good use. Before our fun and crazy game of dirty Santa, my great uncle or this year my grandpa reads Luke 2 from the Bible of baby Jesus's birth. My mom told me that my great grandpa used to read this passage and after his passing the honor was passed down to his elder son. My family is very close and one thing that keeps us close is that we center our family around Jesus. I am very blessed to have the family that I do.

Christmas day will be arriving in a matter of hours. What do you ask for, for Christmas? I love to cook as if you didn't already know ha ha.

Since I can remember my Christmas' list have included cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, etc. I am definitely the only one out of my friends that have asked for a blender, stand mixer, and blow torch for Christmas.

My culinary skills have increased each year from the gifts I received on Christmas. Let me recall a few items I have received. My gifts have included stainless steel mixing bowls,  stand mixer, blender, blow torch, pastry bag with tips, and cute measuring cups that I saw Paula Deen use on her show. The measuring cups are now found almost anywhere but when I wanted them it was very difficult or at least that is what my mom told me who searched every where for them. She did find them and I enjoy using them today. A lot of my Christmas presents have been put to use on Christmas day. My stand mixer was used to make a boiled icing for my coconut cake with lemon cream filling. The blow torch was used to make creme brulee. My family enjoys my gifts as much as I do from the scrumptious benefits.  From my recent visit to a restaurant that I would vote has the best mashed potatoes, I have been inspired to make the best mashed potatoes for my family this Christmas. I researched how to make the best mashed potatoes. There are many theories out there which include using a potato ricer, masher, food mill, and stand mixer. My research has concluded that the food mill will produce the smoothest mashed potatoes. So what do you think I asked for, for Chrismas? a food mill. I will let you know if I receive it and if I do, will a food mill aid in making the best mashed potatoes?
Good night everyone and don't forget to leave "Santa" his milk and cookies. I know my "Santa" ate his delicious cookies up every year.


  1. Cool blog Whitney! Here's a pointless comment. Our local Bob Evans restaurant has a waitress (that my wife and I often get) that looks a lot like you! Her voice even sounds the same. It's weird! We told her too. She liked it, said it was a compliment.

    Hope you get what you want for Christmas!

  2. nice sis whitney...have a wonderful christmas....hope someday can visit missisippi to meet and taste ur cooking....^^

    love u

  3. HeY whitney merry christmas from all your fans here in the philippines. Wishing you all the best!

  4. merry x-mas dear. tq 4 leaving ur comment on my blog. :) LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Merry Christmas MasterChef! That is the ONE THING that stood out about you on the show! YOU are a Christian girl who has a relationship with Jesus! Thank you for being a GREAT example! You are just too precious!

    I hope you get your food mill precious! May GOd bless you and your family. May He bless you as you travel in 2011!

    Changed by a Baby Boy in a manger,
    Alicia Roark
    Williamsburg, VA

  6. Merry Christmas!! haha it's fun asking for cooking stuff, those are the best gifts xD.

  7. Hey Whitney, christmas is just over for me, anyways I'm all the way from Malaysia. I didn't get to celebrate Christmas my whole
    life because I'm a Buddhist and my family
    treats it as a normal day. Although we prayed and thanked god for my mum's delicious
    chicken :) anyways I hope I can celebrate it one day. the only way I can wish you Christmas I here, so Merry Christmas Whitney! i hope you find a penny :)

  8. You are wonderful inspiration for my young daughter, Whitney. I so appreciate your Christian witness. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. Hi Whitney. I adore u since I watch u at the finale..Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  10. HI Whitney! I Really adore those Tremendous skills! I'm A fan of yours... I just wanna say, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! My Sisters and Cousins told me that your a beautiful Girl, and I'm totally agreeing with them!

  11. haha that picture of you as a kid is adorable, a masterchef in the making. God Bless, hope you are having a great holidays with your family.

  12. Hi Masterchef! I am an avid fan of yours. I clap in front of the tv everytime you nailed the cooking challenges. You're amazing. And I love your blog.