Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Begin your new year with a fresh and organized start!

Begin your new year with a fresh start!
My mom and I worked on making our kitchen more functional for quick and easy meal preparation.
Accessibility is everything! We added a utility cart to organize and store appliances, tools, and ingredients like potatoes and onions.  By hanging a paint roller drip tray on the side of the cart, we could hang hooks to store mearsuring cups and spoons. This is very important to me because it cuts down on the amount of time I would be looking for these items in drawers.
By storing some of my appliances on the cart, I can free my counter space for other items. I stored my highly utilitzed dry ingredients of sugar, flour, and cornmeal in large glass canisters. I also have my cookbooks in easy access.
On my both sides of my stove top, I have items that help me bring my meals together easily. On the left, I have my cutting board, knives, and wooden spoons. On the right side, I have a silver tray holding a glass container of sugar, a glass dish of sea salt, a pepper mill, and a three piece glass divider storing my oils of olive, pecan, and canola. I absolutely love my oils right at my fingertips.
My newest addition to my kitchen is my refrigerator. Today my refrigerator was delivered and I can't wait to organize all of my produce, condiments, etc. into it. Out with my parents 17 year old refrigerator and in with this stainless steel beauty. I am especially excited about the refrigerator drawer. It is like Christmas all over again for me!


  1. Sounds and looks like you're off to a good start for 2012 :) I should follow suit, I swear my measuring cups like to jump from one cupboard to another while we sleep haha

  2. Looking good! Now, about the names of those cookbooks on the counter?

  3. Loved your organized kitchen. The utility cart is a great idea, might have to steal that one. Where do you put your cookbooks? Do you have them all together or just your most used in the kitchen? What are your top 5 appliances to have?

  4. Your kitchen looks so good. You and your mom seem to have worked hard lol. We have the cutting board placed in the kitchen the very same way but I have a very silly habit of carrying it with me to the vegetables corner and cut it there itself and then I end messing up the kitchen by moving all my appliances and knives, spoons etc the same way.
    Thanks for sharing the idea though.

    And the new refrigerator looks really nice.

    -Sheenam Puri

  5. @Maria I would say a food processor- puree, shredd, pesto, pie dough; blender- soups, drinks; handheld mixer- cake batters, etc; of course microwave

  6. I love the utility cart idea as well as the E-A-T letters! That new fridge is a piece of art itself, what brand is it?


  7. Hi Whitney, may I use your cart photo in a post I am doing on Kitchen organization? If you feel comfortable with it, I will add a credit with a link back to you.