Saturday, January 28, 2012

I put milk chocolate to the test!

Valentine's Day and chocolate go hand-in-hand. Have you ever wondered what it the best kind of milk chocolate without buying and testing them all? Whitney to the rescue!! I went in to this taste test with the idea that I was going to love it but what I learned is that I prefer dark chocolate 100%. I will explain to you in detail why......and here we go ($ indicates level of cost)
First on the list is Cadbury milk chocolate. The label indicates that the chocolate is velvety smooth and I would have to agree. The chocolate is very smooth and creamy. I would say it was the creamiest chocolate. In terms of flavor, it was memorable. $$
Second is Ghirardelli milk chocolate. Ghirardelli's chocolate imparts a caramel, malt flavor. Again, I did not taste the cocoa but more cocoa butter. $$$
Next is Lindt milk chocolate. It literally melted right away in my mouth. The flavor was that of caramel. I didn't get a rich chocolate flavor like the label suggests. It tasted more like milk and caramel. $$$
Last but not least is the famous Hershey's milk chocolate. I left this one to last because I didn't think this one would be too memorable. I thought of it as a cheaper commercial grade chocolate but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of flavor. Hershey's milk chocolate was the only milk chocolate bar that actually tasted like chocolate and not just milk and sugar. My mom and sister, Leslie, helped me in the taste testing and without knowing what kind of chocolate she was tasting, my mom guessed Hershey's. It really has a distinct chocolate flavor. This is definitely the perfect chocolate for a smores.
So, what does this all mean? If your Valentine loves chocolate and you are wanting to buy him or her some this year, I would suggest buying dark chocolate. If you have a sweets lover on your hands, then he or she would probably love any of these. Choose which one of these sound appealing to you and enjoy!


  1. Have you tried Green and Black's Organic chocolate? It has a nice, rich, earthy flavor, in my opinion. It's also Fair Trade certified.

  2. This was interesting and informative. Chocolate is always a popular and fun topic. I think you will have to continue to do more research on other chocolate topics, such as dark chocolate, truffles, chocolate covered fruit and nuts etc. You can never have too much knowledge. ;)

  3. Thank you very much for your intersting chocolate review. I feel the quality of chocolate is not what it used to be. Much brands are too sweet and lacking cocoa these days. Unfortunately we don't have Hershey's chocolate in France, otherwise I would have tried it.

    Have a good day !