Monday, December 26, 2011

Food, Fun, and Fellowship

I can't remember if I have given one of my other blog post with this title but those three words describe my Christmas.
I woke up Christmas morning and made breakfast with the help of my dad. Biscuits, white gravy, bacon, and my dad's fluffy scrambled eggs rounded out the menu. This big breakfast was supposed to hold us off until our big feast at dinner. Didn't quite do it lol

On to opening presents...I didn't have any idea of what I would be getting because I didn't really ask for anything. I was very excited to see this gift-
It is a spherification kit.
Spherification is the culinary process of shaping a liquid into spheres which visually and texturally resemble caviar. This is the wikipedia definition of what the kit will do. I am very excited! I can't wait to start experimenting with it.

My dad was excited about his Frogg Toggs (hunting rain suit). He has no excuses now. He is suited up and ready to get a big buck!

Now to the food....
This was just a few dishes of the many. On the menu- smoked ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, roasted parsnips, turnips, carrots, and rutabagas, carrot souffle, sautéed brussel sprouts, leeks, and green apple with candied pecans, hassleback sweet potatoes, and turnip green pesto with homemade rosemary focaccia bread. Sounds like a lot I know but we ended up having 21 people over our house. My oven was runnin and gunnin and so was I lol.

I had a great Christmas! I am truly blessed!


  1. I think poaching an egg while swirling the hot water around it is a kind of spherification. Wish I had that kit too! Whoever gave you that was really thoughtful. Happy holidays!

  2. Wow Whitney, you seem to have had a wonderful Christmas with a wonderful big menu. You mentioned in your previous posts as well, that every year you tell your family and friends to give you stuff, which has got something to do with cooking.

    This Spherification Kit seems really cool and very apt to your wishes.

    The homemade rosemary focaccia bread sounds really very delicious.

    I made a plum cake for the first time for my family and friends.