Friday, December 23, 2011

A little Goes A Long Way

Listening on the radio this week to KLOVE, the radio show hosts have shared stories of people who have paid off other people's layway payments. One person paid 60 people's layway payments. How cool is that? I mean I was blown away when I heard that. I don't know many people who could afford to do something like this but thank the Lord for those who can.

Do you take the time to put in change into the Salvation Army bell ringer's bucket? Have you helped out a family in need?
I encourage you to do what you can to help others during this Christmas season. It isn't too late!

My mom and I had the best time choosing jewelry, headbands, hair accessories, and more for two girls that we supported from our church's urban ministry this Christmas. In the years past, my sisters and I chose angel tree children to support. I always enjoyed knowing that I could make a child's Christmas special.

A nonprofit organization that is close to my heart is Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. My dad was diagnosed with the neuromuscular chronic autoimmune disease, myasthenia gravis in January. It is an uncureable but treatable disease. When he was first diagnosed it was a very difficult time for my family. We got through the first couple of months through a lot of prayer. He has recently undergone surgery to have his thymus gland removed. He recovered well and is doing a little better. What we have learned with this disease is it to take it day by day. He has some good days and some bad days.
By supporting Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, I can help increase research for a cure, increase awareness of the disease, increase support for those who have it, and more.
Read this article from MGFA's newsletter about Zach Knowles's, Legend Car Series driver, dad and my dad-

Do you have a charity that is close to your heart?
Include your name and email address with your answer.

I will donate to the randomly chosen person's charity. I will donate a dollar for every comment given on my blog to that charity. Spread the word to your friends and family to visit my blog to help make a big difference.
I will choose on Christmas day.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!


  1. Whitney,

    The Promise 139 Orphan Hosting Program is dear to my heart. We have brought 12 Ukranian orphans to Hattiesburg over the last two summers and are about to have 12 more visit beginning the 27th. Since 2009, we have seen 9 kids adopted (all over the age of 10). It has particularly blessed us, since we met our daughter through this ministry!

    Merry Christmas,

    Rick Morton

  2. The charity that is closest to my heart and one that I am inordinately passionate about is Royal Family Kids Club, Inc. It's a non-profit organization that does 1-week summer kids camps for abused and neglected foster children, giving them a week of fun memories and hope. is the website

  3. That is a generous offer. I won't list a charity, as I'm sure there are many good ones to choose from already. Just choose one you think God would approve of. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Wow, I guess I got in early! But sticking with my earlier comment, as I'm sure there will be many others.

  5. Whitney,

    The charity that is dear to my heart is the American Cancer Society.

    Once a year on the 3rd Saturday of June at the Emmet Belknap Middle School in Lockport, New York they hold the Relay For Life which I've been a part of for the last three years.

    The event kicks off at 6:00 P.M. and ends at 6:00 A.M. the following day.

    The link I provided is my teams page and my mom is the Team Captain.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Merry Christmas,

    Joshua Neal

  6. I did read the entire thing whitney, and I could learn how wonderful Person you are.

    As you said you would donate a dollar for every comment of yours, I will definitely ask my friends to comment as well.

    Wish you and your family (specially your nephew :-D) a very merry Christmas.



  7. Giving is the greatest thing that makes people rich! you're well on your way to more abundance! Thanks for spreading the vibrations of giving this holiday season! Well I think you can donate to the survivors of the typhoon sendong in the Philippines. They need hope! I am from the Philippines and I am doing my best to give back. I own a company and I pledged 10 percent of every sale my company makes! We will be doing that for a month! But I am sure that is not enough that is why if you can help more hurray!

    Go Masterchef Whitney!

    Truly yours,
    JC Santos

  8. My personal favorite charity is Project Safe, a domestic violence shelter and awareness/support service based out of Athens, GA.

    This year, my family was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the supplies for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for four needy families. We found out about each of them through friends of friends and through a local food bank, and were able to provide them with not only a turkey, but all the fixings as well so that these families who wouldn't be able to have anything for the holidays would at least be able to have a home-cooked meal. It really was a great thought, and something that I hope we'll be able to continue for a number of years to come.

  9. What a blessing your words are Whitney. My charity is Shriner's Hospitals for Children

  10. An organization near and dear to my heart is Families Helping Families. They provide information and referral services to families, professionals and self-advocates regarding disability related matters. They are such a blessing for families, I can't even begin to tell you how many families they touch each year.

  11. This is a great idea. I always give to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to make sure families always have enough food in the holidays and the rest of the year.

  12. You are such an inspirational person! =)

  13. Hello Whitney~!!! This is Donna from Hong Kong.
    The close-to-my-heart charity is Oxfam, which is a famous charity helping the children in Africa. By donating only a bit monet to Oxfam, you can experience how your life and decision affects the others, helping LOTS OF children to make their dreams come true,for farming foods and going to school~
    Take care for your dad and may your family have a wonderful christmas with God. Immanuel~!!!
    Donna (

  14. There's this Old-age home and an orphanage called "Snehadeepam".....we always make sure to visit that place whenever we go to our hometown!there're kids who've lost their parents,small babies who were thrown in garbages by their own mom ,kids who were brutally harassed mentally and physically earlier and who have nobody to be called as their relatives or family...and there many Old men and women who were thrown out of their own home by their own living as refugees somewhere!!all of them have some sad story behind them!!it makes me sad when i see them everytime...but i'm really happy 'cause atleast in some way i'm able to bring some smile on their face..and able to help them!'cause that's what my Lord and my Dad has taught me ..."to help the helpless in whatever way we can"..i love spending my time there with them ...those kids see them smile's a great feeling you know..something that can't be expressed!!

    It's a great thing you are doing Whitney!!Lord is watching you and you'll be blessed for what you are doing my friend!!But i hope you are not doing all this expecting nothing in return?And Whitney ,i've a small request instead of 1$ please donate 4$ for me,i hope it's not a big amount for you!!Once again Thank you.....

  15. @Rick Morton your comment was randomly chosen. I have heard about that ministry many times at Temple Baptist Church. I will donate $100 plus the 13 comments= $113 to the Promise 139 Orphan Hosting Program