Thursday, December 8, 2011

Personalized Gifts

Do you need help with your Christmas shopping this year? I have an idea for you.
Create a personalized gift for your friend, co-worker, or family member! This is also a great gift for the guy who has everything or who you don't know what to buy for, like my dad. My sister bought my dad one with the Boston Red Sox emblem and his name on it.
My parents and I at the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park a few years ago!

There are sports emblems, collegiate, hunting, and fishing designs available too!

I have always loved to receive a personalized gift whether it was my initials or my name imprinted on a bag, cup, and other items. One of the personalized gifts that I carry around with me on every road trip is my Tervis tumbler. It was gifted to me by a friend as a thank you present. She not only personalized it by printing my name on the tumbler but also picked out a tumbler with me in mind.
On Masterchef, I was deemed the pastry princess. My friend got this princess tumbler for me with that in mind.
If you are not familiar with Tervis tumblers, what makes them unique is that they can hold both hot and cold temperatures for an extended amount of time. You can come back 10 minutes or so later and your glass of sweet tea isn't watered down. Condensation and sweating are reduced. I love this because if you leave the tumbler on a table, you won't find a pool of water when you come back. They are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher friendly.  I think this is the best feature!
On, first choose your design, tumbler shape & size like a mug, and if you want to personalize it with a name or message.
Right now, Tervis has a special discount on their bestseller tumblers. You receive 25% off!

Today's question- Have you ever received a personalized gift; what was it?
Remember to include your name and email address with your answer.

Today's gift- I will create a peronalized 16 oz. tumbler just for you!


  1. My grandma has always given us grand kids personalized stocking stuffers! Last Christmas she gave me a personalized wallet that had my name on it, Aaron, and it had my college name on it, Xavier University. This was probably my favorite personalized gift that I have ever received. My email is

  2. Every year since I was born my mom has gotten my brothers and I a personalized ornament for Christmas. Not only was it great to see what she picked for you every year but then I also had enough ornaments to decorate my tree when I moved out!

  3. My mother in law gave me a personalized 8X13 pan. It has my name on the bottom.. and the cover has a house with our family name on it... And the bottom says Baked with love in Laura's Kitchen. Its great to take places, because no one will mistake your pan for their pan.

  4. My great niece made me something to go over my doorknob. It reads "I love my Uncle" I love it. My mother used to make everyone baskets with fudge, cookies and other treats every year. She passed in the summer of 2009, so at the encouraging of my lovely cousin I am on my 3rd year of making them on her behalf. The feeling is much more gratifying than I thought it would be. This year they are also getting a Family Recipes cookbook, with some of my grandmother's recipes that go back to the early 1900's in New Mexico. I am also including some of my updated and recent ones, and of course sweets.

  5. My ex boyfriend gave me a beautiful jewelry box with my initials carved on the top.

  6. I gifted my dad a very old picture of him and me with a self composed poem on the father's day. i wrote all the special things he did for me in my childhood.
    I really want to share the picture with you. its on my facebook, and though i am not good at poetry he found it really cute and almost cried.
    here is the link to the picture. i dont know if i can post it on your blog because i don't know how to do it. sorry about that. after the link, i have also copy pasted the poem that i wrote on my own for him:

    here is the link to that pic which is now framed in our living room :)

    I remember this pic in mussoorie long ago,
    The picture is so pale and looking so-so..

    But u were in a mood to teach me Dance,
    And clever and kiddish, look at my eyebrows glance..

    With u teaching Dance and mum clicking pics,
    my hair looks haircut-no flicks..

    but papa i love this pic for a reason..
    it has the person who bought glitter for all season

    you gave me a yes when mum said no,
    allowed me 2 go to places i could'nt go..

    when mum used 2 scold and i used to cry,
    u picked me up and made me fly..

    you took me for rounds and boating everyday,
    giving bread 2 the ducks..quack-quack i would say..

    A single tear in our eyes u could'nt bear,
    your little girl would go away you always feared..

    Mum is a bit strict, but dad u r cool,
    you said me I was Daddy's girl & allowed me to rule..

    -Sheenam and Mini

    I composed this in about an hour and he was very very happy.

    -sheenam puri

  7. my boyfriends mom made a glass ornament for me a couple of years ago- she does glass etching as a hobby. It is really special!

    Alicia B
    leashy159 (at)

  8. Love reading everyone's personalized gifts! I have never received a gift that was personalized for me.


  9. I don't think I've received a personalized gift!


  10. Once when I was very young I got a red wool jumper with my initials embroidered in navy blue....I loved it!!!

  11. When I was little I got a book and the characters were myself and my cousin, my dog etc. I still have it!

  12. I used to have this huge crush on Kristen Bell. My friend went to college where she filmed veronica mars. It so happened that he ran into her on her break and got a personalized autograph for me and took a picture with (just to rub it in my face haha). I know it's a small thing but it's the first thing that popped into my mind.

    Brent C

  13. Last year my wife made soup, dessert, and chili mixes in cute containers and sent them to friends and family. This year she's doing neat drink mixes, desserts, and spice rubs. She put together neat gift packages for family and friends too. These personalized gifts go over well and show some careful thought.

  14. That picture has my mouth watering! Never been to the south and I love cooking everything in cast iron :)

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